Tuesday, December 19, 2006

so sick

Well, less today, but still sick.
I spent yesterday watching Dead Ringers, accidently rereading 100 Demons, diving further into the immensely enjoyable Pure and Radiant Heart and trying not to die.

I picked up PRH at the library last week when I realized that I needed a novel, a really big novel, to fall into for awhile. No more short stories! I am liking it so far. Any suggestions for more gigantor novels?

Also, has anyone read Melville's The Confidence Man? I was thinking of trying it...


Retown said...

Am I totally lame that I'm jumping on the bandwagon of Special Topics In Calamity Physics? I picked it up for the same reason you mention... I needed a nice, big, fat, distracting piece of fiction. And I loved it. I totally recommend it for when you finish PRH.

Carrie said...

Nice to see you here, lady.

I don't know. I've heard that it is good but doesn't live up to the hype... In a certain way, I think people are just jealous.

moonlight ambulette said...

hey, i hated that book, and i wasn't just jealous. i LOVED it at first! i loved the first hundred pages or so. that's why i felt so betrayed when it started to suck.

oh but anyway, i was going to heartily recommend melville, no matter what, and lend a hearty "hear hear" to the need for a big fat novel right now. something about winter. yum.

ragdoll said...

Oh boy, Dead Ringers, a boy courting me in high school thought that would be a good date movie. Needless to say, the relationship went no where. And I was supposed to read "Confidence Man" in uni and never got around to it, would love to hear what you thought.

I too am trying to find some juicy novels for the new year -- I look forward to reading some of your suggestions and hearing about whatever you do find. Right now, I'm reading Consumption by Kevin Patterson, and it's awesome.

And thank you for the link love, what a delight your blog is!

Carrie said...

Ragdoll: I think it would be a great date movie now, but not in highschool.

I'm glad you stopped by.