Friday, January 27, 2006

Nerd Vocabulary 101

Example of a "library coup":
I picked up a much-coveted-by-skinflints copy of Nick Hornby's latest book, A Long Way Down, yesterday during a routine trip to my local library. I was paying some fines and, as usual, I checked out the new books shelf to see if anything interesting had come in and there it was. The spine is already all bent up and gnarled. I have a week to read it (no renewals) so I'd better get on that. You know, after I write these reviews.

I am reading Already Dead by Denis Johnson right now. It is fantastic. The cover was designed by Chip Kidd- he's so hot right now- and I really don't see what all the fizzus is about. Judging a person's body of work by one example is so hot right now.


Anonymous said...

i read this book and i thought it was very interesting and entertaining to me and all of my friends we think interesting books are very entertaining. people should right more smarter books about interesting things i agree with carrie jones.

Carrie said...

Sorry folks. It looks like somebody missed their meeting and is taking it out on us.