Monday, January 02, 2006

I feel like a loser

And what do nerds do when they feel like losers?
They bust out some useles facts!

According to Random House, this is what Whistle Stop is referring to in the title. According to my Google search, I am not he only one who wondered what it meant.

Sorry kids, I am just feeling lowdown because something I wrote was rejected for publication at a place whose standards for "journalism" aren't so high. I'm trying again fo them this weekend, but since I am still in my probational period, I don't have too much enthusiasm. All this for a byline?

I should get that tatooed on my forehead, so when I am kneeling before my next editor, he/she will be know I'm not really into it.

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Fawzy Zablah said...

You have to remember that rejection is a rite of passage. You need rejection, those little paper slips are your scars. Most stories, unless they are horribly bad find a home. Cheer up! Also, don't forget that you should always be working on something. Always write your ideas down. Even if you just write a paragraph and save it for later. Some paragraphs I've written have turned out to be great stories much later-like a year later. Always know, that no matter what is happening in your life, if you're a writer, you will always write. Even if you've only published once, or non at all. The trick is to always practice the writing muscle. Let your mind wander and challenge yourself to write more. That's the only way you'll get through. And for God's sake, punch the keys! Punch them hard. No depression, no sadness, concentrate on the work. The only thing that matters is the work! You are just a conduit. That's it. Work, work, work. You don't have time to be depressed, that's for the weak. Be strong and fight and read and write and that's it.