Thursday, January 05, 2006

book(s) 2: Comics Crazy

After a post-luch-date comics binge with my main man, I cam home and read 3 single issues of GirlTalk (a decade old, damn!) and Fancy Frogin's Sexy Forest, Fantastic Butterflies, two pretty, weirdo comics by James Kochalka and Bogus Dead, a compliation about zombies edited by Jerome Gaynor.

The GirlTalk's are fun, real and wrenching. They tell the stories that we sometimes hide but need to hear. It's not all pain though; these comics definitely show the spectrum of female experiences in a rockin way. More, more, more smart comix by women!

The Kochalka books are silly and slight, but that's cool. Plus, it's not everyday that abook about a tiny frog who loves his boner is printed in such pretty colors, right?

Bogus Dead is for zombie lovers. There were a few stand-outs here, but mostly the theme was taken too literally by the artists. Megan Kelso & Ariel Bordeaux had a nice takes on a zombiefied future, but overall there was too much ink spilled on brain eating for me. Overall: eh.

And for comics hilarity of an entirely different stripe go here. Hee hee!

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