Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just popping zits

I am working on a review of That Old Ace in the Hole for yall. For now though, my mind is taken up with all the reviews I have to write for work. Also, how that work is going to net me zero dollars, and how building up a portfolio is hard and annoying and how being a petulant bitch about it doesn't really help. Any job leads?

At my other job (which I am being intentionally coy about, don't be nosy), there is all of a sudden tons of work to do. This means that I will be chained to my computer for a few days, hear absolutely nothing for a week or so, then be all crazytron on my ailing laptop for a few more days hopefully doing some editing, likely writing tense emails.

In other news, my boyfriend, my friend Dave and I went to drown our sorrows in the schitzo pheremone stew that is the Strand on a Sunday evening. I get turned on just being in there, but I also get a little nauseous with all the possiblities. I bought two cheap books and will probably get around to reading them sometime in April because of my whirlwind freelancer's life. (the saddest story in the world) I will soon have some click click action for you, my loyal readers, so you can see what some of this "work" is. Exciting, no?

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