Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Though I have no love for Woody Allen, this interview with the man who drew his comic strip is really amazing. Stuart Hample has been in comics for a long time and has a long memory. My favorite part might be when he misplaces his glasses in the middle of the episode...


Is it just me or is the redesign of Journalista! very unsatisfying? I'm not sure that a new unveiling should reveal less information, especially if what is being unveiled is the preeminent blog on the subject. I know that The Comics Journal is still working out putting everything on the web, but come on.


Right now I am reading a book that I think will be perfect for a friend of mine. Even of she doesn't like the way it is written, the plot, such that it is, touches on something she is working out in her life right now. For my own part, once I got into the rhythm, the book has been an enjoyable way to spend rainy nights and subway rides.

Have you ever had the experience of reading the perfect book for somebody else? Did you suggest it to them? How did it turn out?


Amanda said...

Yes. There were mixed results.

Yes. It flopped.

Yes. The book indeed was perfect.

(In other words, yes, on a number of occasions, I have recommended things that seemed perfect for someone else, but it didn't always turn out as I expected...and on other occasions, the book was so perfect the person read it in one sitting.)

Carrie said...

Oh come on! Give us some details!

Amanda said...

1. the mixed result: I recommended someone a book that I knew he would love, and he did, but unfortunately he thought I was recommending the book as a means of making a pass at him. I was not.

2. the flop: I recommended a book to a longstanding friend whom I didn't realise was struggling with alcohol addiction, and it was all about a guy on a ridiculous and farcical bender. This did not go over well, as my friend tried to come to terms with sobriety and his legacy of drunken buffoonery.

3. the perfect one: I recommended a book to someone who loved it, but for completely different reasons than I had loved it, and for completely different reasons than I had recommended it. Therefore, a lively and amazing conversation ensued and this is a rare thing for me--actually having someone to talk about books with, with the same tastes but slightly tweaked so we're not just saying "yeah! I totally agree!"

Carrie said...

Ouch, the secretly reforming alcoholic! You couldn't have known.

And as for situation 3--that is the best! That hasn't happened to me in a long time, probably because most people I talk to regularly don't like any of the stuff I like!