Monday, December 28, 2009


Two great stories from the Escape Artists brood:

Tuscon, butches and myth:
The Petrified Girl
by Katherine Sparrow

AI, cold, revolution: Littleblossom Makes a Deal With the Devil by S. Hutson Blount


Dinner parties can be trying for all involved, but if you are a jerk to your hostess, you deserve what comes. "Caroline and Evelyn" by Darryl Ayo


In the mail bag:
- An amazing package from Simon Haußle filled with delightful gifts for B and I. It had a tortured journey from Vienna (twice) because the post office can't tell a European one from an American seven, even when common sense could have solved the whole issue.
- Some sort of tree survey today. Not sure what that's about, but it sounds exciting.
- A passel of holiday picture cards from people with children. Cute!

In the out tray:
A thank you, a letter and this:

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