Friday, December 04, 2009

señora moves

Tonight I had the weirdest book swap so far. I hurt my back last night and this morning was greeted with a day of slightly less pain, slightly more range of motion. It took me four hours to clean two rooms. Sweeping involved almost yogic flexibility and I am not even going to tell you about shimmying into my clothes for the evening. I worried over not having enough snacks, since I couldn't cook due to my back. I busted out the good wine and finally sat down to summon my elusive inner hostess. Then, except for one early arrival, no one showed up.

An hour later, a handful of good friends appeared, late as usual, and after a few back-n-forths about books, we ordered some food, chatted about everything and watched one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I removed my shoes, then unzipped my pants. Good times.

But, but, but--

What happened to everybody else?

More freshly-purchased toilet paper for me, I guess.


Six more days to send me your contest entries. Here are the details again:

Spin me a narrative inspired by this search term gem:
"hard won wisdom being honest true asshole."

As always, any bloggable form is acceptable. Email me your entries.
The winning entry will be published here, and you will win a box of amazing from tryharderland.

DEADLINE: December 10, 2009


Not only is Saturday the birthday of my favorite person, but two neato art things are happening:

The first Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival:
There will be some European vendors there to check out along with the usual art comics crowd.

Paths Less Traveled is opening at Giant Robot NYC, featuring work by Allison Cole, Julia Rothman, Daria Tessler, and Jing Wei.


Amanda said...

I love the casual "ordering some food" culture that NYC permits. The idea that you can call up, and a young guy on a bike will be at your door shortly. Really, that doesn't happen where I live.

LOOKA said...

That food ordering thing isn't happening so consistently throughout NorthA? Man I'm so confused - America your giving me mixed signals. Is it the cold maybe?

There even was ordering service on the tip of long island.
I really enjoyed that too, when I was there. The good quality of the food was another thing.
Vienna is packed with ordering services... but mostly they are lame-o.

Hope your back gets well! Have fun at the Festival. I' love to see James Mcshanes table.