Saturday, December 19, 2009


I will announce the winner of the contest on Monday.


I am going to spend the dregs of my free time today writing thank yous and perhaps a letter or two. Is it perverse that I like writing thank you cards? I remember thinking it was a chore when I was a kid, but now I guess I only tend receive thankables from people I care for, so it is much more fun now.

I also used to think my relations actually talked amongst themselves and would write little notes within my thank yous telling the recipient to "say hi" to my aunt or grandma or whatever. My mom made me rewrite those notes.


Some little wishes:
To see all the people I miss in the next few weeks.
To be rocked to sleep by the surety on a train on tracks, destination in mind.
To find yoga clothes that do not offend me.
To muster the will to write everyday.
To get more comments from you!


Amanda said...

Yoga offensive, I agree...ultimately, I caved and purchased a pair of offensive stretchy yoga pants and added "letting go of my irritation at yoga clothes" to the list of intentions set at the beginning of each session.


Zane said...

You should wear a kung fu suit.

Carrie said...

Both of these are good ideas.
I was thinking something with a ton of nude netting and strategically placed peace signs.