Saturday, October 24, 2009

we shove the holes in the polls

I am looking for some feedback about my readers' behavior. Please check out the three poll questions on the sidebar and let me know how being a tryharderlander has effected your habits.

You have eight days.

If you've got something more than yes or no to say to my questions, please leave a comment here!


looka said...

When I went to the Strand, I got one oft he books you talked about. You even were there to show me where it is! - Now that's what I call service :)

I know I went to the library to get something, but that was a while ago, so I can't exactly remember what it was... it was non-comics though.

I've also bought some mini Comics after reading your reviews.


Amanda said...

Come to Canada on a field trip and review some things here and I will sooooo buy 'em, visit 'em, check 'em out!

: )

looka said...

When you are speaking of visits Amanda...
Sob.. Canada... sooob New York... I'm missing you guys! :)

Amanda said...


1. I am lazy about using the public library, if for no other reason than the perceived constraint of "due date". I probably read ten times faster than required, in order to meet those due dates, but the idea that I HAVE TO get the book back makes me panicky, and I always end up forgetting and owing fines.

2. I like books as objects, and tend to buy rather than loan, not just because of the aforementioned panicky-craziness, but also because I like having the book around to admire.

So...those comments qualify my vote that I don't take out books from the library after reading your recommendations.

: )

Carrie said...

A: no guilt from me! Some people need to own; I understand.

However, when I want to dig deeper into an author's catalog, and the author is published by a major publisher, I usually check the library first. That way I can spend my money where it will matter more. Such is my rationalization.