Thursday, October 22, 2009

The update I know that you have been dying for: All of the books contained in my four-tiered shelf have been added into LibraryThing. This does not include the stacks on top of it, the stacks around it and the piles scattered throughout the apartment.

This certainly has been a good way to figure out what I have and what I don't. Why I kept some things and got rid of others is a mystery likely born of moving around and stashing my books places that I am not. The bookswaps I've had since moving to NYC have also contributed to my strange collection.

So far less than half of my books have been cataloged (no comics either), but I plan on continuing and weeding as I go. I hope to sell/swap the stuff I don't want anymore and buy more small press books.

Perhaps I am not facile with the software yet, but I am finding it very difficult to get good suggestions from LT. So, any suggestions besides scanning the lists of books that my friends put on Goodreads?


the prog lady said...

If you're interested in obtaining a free copy of Richard Price's Clockers, I can hook u up.

Carrie said...

Oh boy.

looka said...

Hard to give any tips... I haven't used both, but am aching to.
I would swap some good Austrian mini Comics for your disliked Mahler book!

Wait, thinking about that, many of those are by him... SHUCKS!