Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's stop talking about hair and maybe talk a little bit about homework. Not my homework, which is amorphous and mounting, but the homework that high school and college kids hope to finish by googling the title of a book and copy n pasting. This type of thing is one of the uggles one must put up with when putting writing on the internet, but still, when combing my stats, it still annoys me. Actually doing the reading is much more interesting, though I will admit that what qualifies as interesting for me may not correspond with the average teenager.


Tonight as I cycled home from school, using avenues with bike lanes, I had yet another confrontation with people who just can't bear to be on the sidewalks with all those other people. I believe this inability to view a biker's safety as a higher priority than walking faster than the sidewalk allows is a sort of egomania.

As I was tearing up Eight Avenue, after making my way through the laneless nightmare that is 40th-42nd Sts., I pulled over to the mushroom head emblazoned track and soon encountered a flock of douchebags, khakis pressed and ties flying, in a vee formation spread over my lane. I said to them, "Hey douchebags, nice walking in the bike lane." They waited for me to pass a ways and yelled a rousing, "Fuck you, dyke!"

Class incarnate, they were.


I got my first graded assignment of grad school back today, an analysis of LibraryThing's cataloging abilities.
I got an A.


Sara said...

Good work, smart cookie!

Amanda said...

You know what I love? The way some men (not ALL men...I am not making a sweeping generalisation here, nor do I hate dudes) I was saying, the way some men can only equate a woman having an opinion, or critiquing the man's behaviour with being queer?

"WHAT?! She doesn't love everything about me and what I do in my daily life? Clearly she is a lez!"

looka said...

Man, you gotta love the Kate Beaton ...and the TRY HARDER for sure. High fives!

I also wonder where jerks get jobs to get khakis from? At the jerk shop for the "mindless of free choice?"

SoRightAmanda: Yeah, either lesbian, or a pinkish boy if you're male. What's so bad about being gay anyhow? Weak argument on their side. Doublejerks.

Get off the road suckas!

Carrie said...

Sims: Yes, calling me a dyke is about the least insulting insult someone could come up with.

looka said...

Oh! You know I didn't mean to smallen their really huge stupidity of swearin' towards you.

And when macho dupes say to me from the corners of their mouths: "This guy looks like a gaytard with his hair." I'd like to thank them, because I like both, the gay and the disabled! ...But, they won't get it anyhow.

Amanda said...

Holy crap Simon, that is awesome. "I like the gays and the disabled, so thank you for that compliment!" is totally the sort of thing that my friends and I would have said to a bully in school. Then, the bully would usually just punch us, but we at least felt awesome and smarty for a second there!

: )

WW said...

I am so making a bumper sticker (for my bike, of course!) that says, "My ladyfriend is a straight A student at [REDACTED] Information and Library Science School."

Carrie said...

WW: that would be amazing.

Now that I have two more As, that sticker would be even more correct.

Plus, it would get you all the girls with glasses.