Friday, September 25, 2009

linky loos

Michael "Needs to Blog" Schaub again points us to the good stuff: Ellen Wernecke on The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. TMOP is a book that holds a place in my heart and was the first book by Michael Chabon that I ever read. The cover art was so ubiquitous at used book (and thrift) stores that I used to frequent that just seeing the colorful cursive script sends me back to my late teens. I love it, but I never need to read it again.


This is a few weeks old, but Robin's interview with Jerry Moriarty over at Inkstuds is super interesting, really funny and just good radio. Moriarty is a treasure trove of comics, art and NYC history and delivers all his stories in such a genuine manner that you just want to take him out for a falafel.


This story is so, so good in a way--almost equal to the amount of bad that the 90s in Philly served up.

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looka said...

YAY! Let's go for a Falafel with Jerry!

Sending you pre-tomorrow handclaps!