Monday, September 21, 2009

cannibalizing the listserv

The original content portion of tryharder has been meager recently. This will likely continue until I get some reviewing and school obligations out of the way. Of course, whenever I make a statement like this I end up unaccountably belching out reviews...


Save the Words is a site for hopeless wordlovers and fans of the obscure and Samuel Johnson groupies. Use it well, my friends.


The New York Times reports on books in the wild:
"It’s Only Natural, This Thing for Books"

If my books were free to exist in another habitat I think many of them would choose subway platforms and laundromats.


I wanted to catalog a collection of mine that could actually be finished during a sitcom, so I chose our cookbooks:

The books that are mine and both of ours are tagged in two collections, B's books are tagged in one collection. When I search my entire holdings, everything comes up. I think it works.


Amanda said...

Lady! Have I overlooked the fact, all these years, that you are vegetarian? Or, is your cookbook collection simply veg-heavy?

Carrie said...

I am not a vegetarian, but most of the meals I cook at home are. These books force me to use spices and preparations I wouldn't otherwise.

B was pescetarian when I met him, but I soon broke him of that. We don't eat beef or drink milk, but besides that, almost anything goes if you're taking us out.

Plus, I just like reading cookbooks.

looka said...

YAY! Perfect enjoyment for TV reading! It all just jumps out from the pages, so you won't have to dig in to deep to get your brain going while watching TV!