Friday, September 04, 2009

I just put a bunch of these onto a list in my nypl account to order later. Old stories, the way it was, the same old shit on a different day thing isn't doing it for me right now.


Eleanor Davis just announced a new kids' adventure comic called The Secret Science Alliance. The art is great; check out the hideout. Don't you want to live there?


I just finished a letter to an old friend. Sitting here looking at the stack of mail going out today I was reminded of a time, about eight or so years ago, when another old friend let me look through an archive of letters I had sent him. I expected to be reminded of stuff I had forgotten in the ensuing years, some small bits of gossip or observation that I could enjoy again, and perhaps I could see if my writing had developed at all in the intervening time.

Every letter was the same. The same turns of phrase, the same to-do lists, the same complaints were in each envelope--spanning roughly 2 years of writing. At first it was eerie, then very sad. It was the perfect metaphor for those years of inertia and a stern warning about lost time.

These days my letters are a bit more lively, I hope. There is certainly a lot going on. On a good day I can work some of it out on the page before my hands cramp up into claws. And, if I ever get to see another archive of my letters, years from now when the garden is overgrown and the bookshelves permanent, I'll know how I got to that glorious future.

Now, I've got some reading to do.

Right after posting this, I went to the mailbox and found the perfect letter about letter-writing from my maple leaf lady friend. I can't wait to write back.


looka said...

Keep on bringing the new books tuff please! I'm off the tap.

Yeah, letters... can I also draw them? I have to try that.

Carrie said...

Of course you can draw them!