Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MoCCA 2010 haul

Between purchases and generously-given review copies, mine and B's MoCCA bounty was large and impressive. Not pictured are a Tshirt and large print also purchased at the show.

This time around I got to visit many of the tables I'd been hoping to see and am greatly regretting the ones I missed. I'm sure as more MoCCA reports come out, the more regretful I will be.


MrColinP said...

I think one of my favorite parts about the show is that I spent no less than 9 total hours walking the floor and I recognize virtually nothing that anyone else bought.

kenan said...

i like that you took the time to arrange by size. mainly because it means i'm at the absolute top and bottom and nowhere in-between.

retailers hate me.

LOOKA said...

I'm Comics jealous now. But not as much as I'm happy for all your great finds!