Thursday, January 28, 2010

Most tryharderlanders know that Lynda Barry is my favorite cartoonist. I love to read interviews with her because, unlike a lot of conversation with artists, her answers reinforce the positive, brave impression I get from her work.

Finally, you can read The Comic Journal's interview with Lynda Barry from #296 without the hefty cost of subscription. Not that a subscription to TCJ would be turned down, or anything...


Are you disgusted/envious/agog at the plethora of awful blog books? So are these folks, so they are throwing as much shit as possible until some sticks, which is sometimes the only plan that works.


I haven't been able to give my local branch the attention it deserves recently, which has resulted not only in fewer awkward interactions with a librarian there whom I interviewed last semester, but also in many of the books I've ordered to languish on the hold shelf, only to be sent back to their respective branches.

Any good fiction I should put on the list for the next round of holds?

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Amanda said...

NO! Just like I didn't know you were a night owl, I didn't know L.B. is one of your favourites!

Did you know (speaking of knowing v. not-knowing) that hanging in my kitchen is a picture she drew for me? It's a picture of Marlys eating a grilled cheese sandwich, framed like a family portrait, and a banner underneath says "Grilled Cheese Marlys! For Amanda!"

Even the manilla envelope she sent it in was illustrated by hand. Together, the picture and the envelope are two of my favourite things.

Also, I love her book called "What It Is", about the creative process.