Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 Things Not to Do When You Can't Write

1) Sit and stare at a blank Word document for longer than 10 minutes
2) Tell people you have writer's block. They don't care.
3) Eat two lbs. of pasta


Chesney said...

Oh wow, me three. All of the above, done (replace pasta with chocolate). I hadn't visited your site in a while and thought maybe it might breathe some air into what I'm (not) writing to read someone here & present. Looks like January might not be the best month for writing? All of the above, done. Fuck that cursor. I curse it.

darrylayo said...

I could really go for two pounds of pasta, though.

I agree with changing up the scenery or switching tasks if you've been staring at a blank page for ten minutes or more. That's usually when you're zoning out!

Amanda said...

In addition, do not attempt the following (none will really make you write either, no matter how much you think they'll help at the time):

1. have a glass of wine

2. draw yourself a hot bath

3. engage in protracted emails with other writers about "the writing process"

Chuck McBuck said...

Always keep your pen moving. even if it isn't words you are drawing.