Wednesday, November 04, 2009

wide angles, sharp elbows

I think I might be patient enough now to begin enjoying poetry. The question is, where to start? Something like this sounds really good (from goodreads):

Scary, No Scary (Perfect Paperback) by Zachary Schomburg
Kevin Sampsell said: "Schomburg's newest is a whole new weird world full of birds, trees, and ponds. And the water in those ponds seems to be infected with something, because it turning people into half-animals and making the spooky wind sound like a depressing Galaxie 500 song. Another great step into the unique world of Schomburg."

Any suggestions? Do I have to start going to poetry readings?


Recently I've been browsing the NYPL Digital Gallery for inspiration. I love to look at costume illustration and architectural photography. Are there any digital archives or libraries that you look at?


Nothing brightens up a foggy day like a contest. So, here's the new one:
Spin me a narrative inspired by this search term gem: "hard won wisdom being honest true asshole."

As always, any bloggable form is acceptable. Email me your entries.
The winning entry will be published here, and you will win a box of amazing from tryharderland.

DEADLINE: December 10, 2009


looka said...

That poetry sounds awesome!

The contest line is something that gets me all feely for 70's trash movies!

Consider me entered.

Veena said...

oooh. I like a challenge. Hey Carrie, I'm sorry I didn't fill out your survey. I do read your blog, but it usually takes me a few weeks to feel comfortable about responding to stuff in a non-voyeur-y kind of way. I'm there now :)

Amanda said...

1. poetry is something I wish I loved and just do not. I can get into it, now and then, but it's a fleeting affection, for sure. Readings make me want to stab myself with a pen simply to get away from the agony of sitting through people with no "voice" slogging through their work (which is often lovely on the page but brutal read aloud in the poet's own voice). Good luck, my friend!

2. I often check out the NYPL digital archives too...they are king...I don't really know any others that are as well put together.

3. Contests! Whoooo contests!

JTW said...

This is gonna be good!

looka said...


1. You nail my thoughts on a board of fun! Was that poetry? Dang!

3. Let's get going! I understand you will win, but if you won't can you send me your entry? I'll do so too! ...I'll also send you my entry for the last contest. Maybe.

looka said...

I mean, I won't send my entry to myself, but to you.

the prog lady said...

Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil is my jam. Poetry is nice when you're in the mood to mull over something short.

a haiku:
Poetry is cool
In the loo especially
Sleep time for Margles

Steve said...

for a great digital archive, go here:

and hello. how've you been?

Carrie said...

Steve: Hi. I've been very much like what's been portrayed here. With more mess of course.

Your site is great by the way.