Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am required to do a lot of listening these days. Sometimes I am a good listener, and other times I am a "good listener."

I've also been trying to disappear a little, perhaps in response to October's frantic socializing. Night before last I finished Nine Ways to Disappear and I think I picked up some tips.


The Bright Side Project gives away small business art treats everyday for the price of a well-written comment. Much of the stuff is a tad girly-nesty for me, but I am a fan of all the stationery picks.


A longtime friend and I have recently started a snail mail volley that keeps me excited about opening my mailbox each day. It kind of reminds me of senior year of high school, when most of my friends were already away at college and kept me informed through breathy letters at least once a week. It was wonderful at a time when so much wasn't.

Over at Viva Snail Mail!, paper correspondence is product, muse and news. I wish she would update more.


LOOKA said...

Yes let's save snail mail a bit please. I mean, let's also kick the butt of postage costs, that would be enough for a revolution. Seriously, if e-mail can be free to send, so can paper-mail!

I find myself to go in and out of socializing. It's nice to have other people around me that move with me and don't loose track of my irregular goings on.

The Lilli Carre animation is quite the meditative piece. I always loose myself in slope animation! It's really to the point how those tiny topics jump and flow out of the mouth and dissolve in midair. But a stream of nonsense is a stream nonetheless.

Also: Will you write about MBH Vol. 2 by Liz Baillie? I'd love to hear about that!

Sara said...

I enjoy that Lilli Carre animation! Just in time for Thanksgiving, mwahaha!