Saturday, November 07, 2009


I'd need a spin doctor with super strength to transform these poll results into something significant, but it did provide a nice glimpse into how eight or nine of you respond to what I write.

The fact that 77%, (7/9), of respondents have bought something based on one of my reviews was really cool. See advertisers, tryharderlanders are itching to spend money on your literary goods! Barring the possibility that I have some readers that hate me so much that they buy everything that I pan, this percentage shows me that that you guys trust my opinion--the holy grail for a needy blogger. After this mind-bender of a question fatigue set in for one poll taker, so the other two questions have a smaller pool of answers, but no less interesting results.

Happily, I could rouse 62% (5/8) of you from your filthy futons to visit a comic or book store based on my recommendation. I hope you found what you were looking for. As a person who finds it very difficult to leave the house sometimes I'm glad I can inspire somebody to brave breathing the same air as other humans.

I am a little surprised that so few of respondents, 25% (2/8), have ever checked a book out of the library based on on of my reviews. What's keeping you from the place? Tell me in the comments.


looka said...

Hmmm, the library thing.
I love to browse it here in my ol towne. There is quite a load of old editions and things I don't know of to stumble over. When I go check for Comics (they are mostly rented out), I always end up with some biography or a couple of novels.


I also am not sure what people visiting my Blog think about the drawings on it, since I don't get to many comments, I'm afraid of the result and better leave it in the unknown territories of quiet staring and not responding.
But you know: "... I keep showing up."

Carrie said...

Simon--I think it is harder to respond to visuals for folks that are hesitant to comment anyway.

Not that I understand folks being scared to comment anyway.

I understand that it can be hard to keep going on with no response, but I'm glad you do.

Amanda said...

In response to an unasked and perhaps uselessly generalised question:

Although I haven't visited a shop to locate a specific book/ graphic novel based on a review, I *have* taken an interest in graphic novels and comics in general, which I didn't have at all before rading your blog (except a fleeting fancy for things like Ghost World and its ilk, due to the movie hype).

So, while perhaps I haven't been compelled to make purchases or seek out specific material, I have developed an interest in a genre that I'd largely ignored.

: )

Carrie said...

A: Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you've been able to leave the image of capes and boots behind and embrace comics because I think the combination of art and words is actually something perfect for you.

Selfishly, I'm also glad to have fulfilled a part of my mission with try harder, which is to get more smartypants reading comics, so I have more people to talk to about them!

Sarah said...

The thing about libraries is you have to take the books back...I fall in love with too many books to part with them. I use the library a lot for work, though and go with my kids all the time because they are bookwormy too.

As for the comics, it is hard to know where to start. You should write a little tutorial for us!

Sarah said...

@Looka...I left a comment for you...I do love the drawings...but the German error message I was getting made me thankful those professors made me study the language: it is the first time I have really had to use it!

Amanda said...

PS: I rarely went to the library because the branch nearest my house originally smelled of nonstop pee, then got torn down and rebuilt over the past three reopened in September and I went there for the first time today! Exciting! Also disappointing...everything is automated, so it's possible (in fact encouraged) to patronise the place and take out many books without ever having to interact with a librarian.

looka said...

Carrie: Yes and right.

Thanks Sarah! Very nice of you...