Friday, July 03, 2009

Today is the Day

Send those Summer 09 Contest entries in!

The task:
Turn this spam headline into something entertaining:
Police end funereal striptease acts.

The format:
Short story, comic, photo essay, pop tune, whatever, as long as it is bloggable

The prize:
A box of awesome from tryharderland sent straight to your door!

The deadline:

*Previous winners are not exempt this round, so make with the summer fun, folks.*


looka said...

Well I did, yes I did! On the third day of june with the three !!!

Sarah said...


Amanda said...

Even the potential reward of boxed awesomeness wasn't enough to get my creativity going...gah...long, LONG month...maybe I will write a story about that instead, and send it your way by post...sorry, ladyfriend!