Monday, July 20, 2009

la-la-la links

This is a perfect description of those instances that make one feel wetly smothered by other peoples' emotions:
"And it's hard to remember that most of what you absorbed was meant to be discarded. You chop insults and carry grudges all day long, til there is no time left for anything else."


This post is a little old, but it contains the first discussion of samizda (Russian for self-published) I have ever read.


What have you been up to -- What I have been up to

I have been scratching the insect bites inflicted upon my already pink and dingy skin by dive bar mosquitos. All over my legs, red welts rise up like some kind of chaste pox. No fun at all. Still, it was worth seeing an old friend to marvel over the details of pasts long gone and enjoy much of what the piers have to offer. These visits are always too short and I am left wondering what kind of temporal flux I would enter if I went back to Philly for longer than two days at a time. It is both a repulsive and dreamily compelling thought.


The Prog Lady is back, in more ways than one, and all is well in the world.


Sarah said...

Was just thinking about Russian self-publishing the other day after finishing "the Master and Margarita"...

Carrie said...

As a self-published fan, you'd think that my knowledge of nonNAmerican stuff would be greater. it's not, but I am willing to learn.

looka said...

Self publishing is the word!

Something else from that corner: I have been listening to so much music put out by bands and tiny labels - and all that on viynl. A very classy thing considering that it's more durable and has a better sound than the CD.

That reminds me of the fact that small publishers also take to greater lenghts when it comes to making their books special. Often under precarious conditions. Letterpressing, sewn by hand, handdrawn covers, screenprinting... on and on! I lóve a good cheap paperback, but I guess we're on tune when I say that a neat small press book is just so much more delicious!