Friday, May 08, 2009

Fun with keywords

Some recent searches from now-disappointed googlers:
snot machine- for work and play!
newbuddies sex- if you can't have sex with new buddies, who can you have sex with?
how to apply fabulon- duh, you just have to click here.
lucy knisley nude- not here, but maybe here...
how to pray for my ass- Been there.
prayer try harder- Obviously, you are not doing enough self-flagellating
french babes blogspot com.- That's not how you type a url, mon ami.
english questions about a trip- Was there enough tea? How about spotted dick?
details about miss kathy o'brien from monster- She sounds like a bitch.

And finally:
i should try harder- yes, yes you should.


looka said...

Fun with reading!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I love search terms.

I think I must have some of the most disappointing click throughs ever :)