Thursday, May 07, 2009

how high's the water mamma?

Maud Newton has two great entries up right now. One is an impassioned letter from a local librarian. Read it now. Then, when her message has sunk in, take "The powerful women trivia quiz." It leans a little old-timey, but if that is your thing, it's time to feel superior!


A great story about the satisfaction of fan letter-writing by Craig Fischer (with one of my favorite ladies of the 80s, Mary Fleener).


Science fiction and Ben Franklin's writing: two great tastes together, over at Strange Horizons.


HAAAAA! Basically the perfect synopsis of not only Douglas Coupland's output, but of every lazy media product aimed at the 20-45 crowd.


looka said...

Oh my! I need a day off for all that!

"wight" what a word!

Amanda said... when they got rid of the pirate in the McDonalds gang indeed...hahahaha

Sarah said...

I bombed the quiz...

Amanda said...

Me too--6 out of 15...bah!