Monday, June 23, 2008


I am hoping to get my computer fixed this week to solve the unreliable internet problem. Since I am now working two jobs and have a medical thang to endure this week I am not sure exactly how prompt the whole thing will be. Sigh. Again, intermittent posting is all I can promise. I have been writing a ton of reviews for this site so I will try to post whenever I can grab a signal.


I need more contest entries. Summer fun. Tell me all about it (within the parameters described).


Last week was the first pick up for my CSA. I got a big bag of spring mix, two heads of romaine, a savoy cabbage, a tiny summer squash, garlic scapes (my favorite!), fistfuls of basil and some dill. I f you live in an area where CSAs are available definitely look into joining one next year.


Amanda said...

I love that you belong to a CSA too! My share started last week, but since I was visiting, I didn't make the pick-up...tomorrow! Hooray for lettuce that looks and tastes like lettuce!

looka said...

I just had homegrown lettuce from a granny of my trust and its wonderful! I really got to get one of these out-of-the-city garden parcels from a farmer.

It's fun - I then will have my own two square meters of tasteful health!

Hmmm, not enough entries? Doues it count to write in ghost?

Carrie said...

Amanda. Lettuce is delicious, something ilearned only after eating the organically grown stuff in my dad's garden. The CSA stuff is a great grown-up reminder of that.

Simon, no ghost written stuff, but you can make another entry in another genre if you like... And yes, a box of vegetables once a week does amazing things.

Amanda said...

What I got: mesclun, chard, spinach, radishes, herbs, scapes, uhhh, there's something else...lemme think...PEAS!

What is left today: scape (singular), herbs (some but not all), radishes.

Anonymous said...

Does the account of my sticking my arm up a cow ass count? Because while not fun, it was really cool.

And smelly. Must mention the smelly.

That's about all I have for an entry.