Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Friday, after my sometimes houseguest and fulltime friend The Prog Lady returned to the land of our birth, I tried desperately to adhere to the plans of the evening which included going to the ABCNoRio zine party mentioned last post. When my partying compatriots and I reached ABCNoRio the speakers had spoken but the band had yet to play. I only have four words for the rest of my time there:


It was the best and I hope I win the Rude Mechanical Orchestra's raffle of themselves. That would be the best bbq ever.

I also picked up a little zine from the Banard zine library on how to cite a zine for academic papers which I am sure will come in useful when I finally drag myself back to school. Pushes towards that goal are encouraged.

Skin flakes in my cereal:
A thought: Reading a book about crazy person obsessed with skin disease while you have dermatitis and family issues is an interesting experience. Finishing that book is a relief, but also a spell broken. More on that later.


Amanda said...

Did you seriously bid on a total gang of rockstars coming to play for your BBQ?! if you do win, then we know what date I'll be in NYC, ladyfriend!

Carrie said...

Since they are going on tour, it might be a perfect birthday present to myself. Two tickets don't give me much of a chance though!

So apparently it takes big entertainment to get you down here...

Amanda said...

No, no...just a bit of schedule-bossing. France = canceled, I can turn my sights to New York...this is in fact breaking news, you heard it first!

Carrie said...

Sorry about France but hooray for us! Keep me posted.

Amanda said...

Plane ticket purchased this afternoon. Done and done. Coming midday Wednesday the 18th and heading home first thing in the morning, Monday the 23rd. The gentleman will be working days the 18th, 19th and 20th, so I am 100% free then!

: )