Monday, June 16, 2008

Here is an article on cool stuff found in used books. (via kimbooktu)

The best part of working at the bookstore I used to was the finds. Every day in my first summer there my colleagues and I would find all kinds of things. Sometimes the donation boxes would reveal whole sagas; one box was filled with books on coping with the loss of a baby and later books on coming out and lesbian life with covers relying heavily on a aqua n' lavender color scheme. Inside one of those was a half-written letter lamenting a poorly-chosen expression of love and too much cocaine.

Some other cool finds:
1)Teenage love letters, in drafts
2)A b&w set of closeup photos of a man masturbating stuck in a copy of The Kingdom and The Power. They could be arranged as a flipbook.
3)Photographs from the early 20th century
4)Dollar dollar bills

What are your good finds?


ctheokas said...

A ticket stub from a play in 1963. A small photograph of a women's duck pin bowling champion from around the early 70s. These were both in WDC.

sarah said...

I found a cool old postcard from Hawaii in a book about Hawaiian mythology. It makes a good bookmark.

looka said...

In the bookshelves of people we visited when I was a child:

-A page torn from Playboy in
a book about Aleister Crowley.
-A small flower, pressed and
dried behind a book cover.
-A smashed mosquito, complete
with blood.
-Various pledges of love.

I was a nosy kid.