Thursday, October 18, 2007

SPX 2007

[Edited to add: if we met at SPX, drop a comment!]

Despite my inability to catch the first day in beautiful Bethesda, MD and my creeping illness on Sunday, SPX was a blast. I also forgot to bring a camera but luckily my host mr. hp! lent me a little digital wonder which I proceeded to underuse for all of Saturday.

With our SPX buddy. She was certainly a hit with the better boys of indie comics.

The comics-selling floor of SPX. The hotel also provided a few rooms for the panels. I did not go to any panels because I am a jerk.

The first step was to find the PARTYKA folks so I could show off my fake offspring:
They are very smiley.

Also, their merch kicks ass. Even though they didn't win any Ignatz awards for their nominated comics, you can see why you need to buy everything they make:

Some other folks that watched me dorkily fumble with my camera and try not to seem like a goober:
Leslie Anne Mackenzie Stein who makes great comics (like Yeah, It Is) and needs a publisher for her new one. She does not seem to have a website though...

Marcos Perez has a nice smile and is hard at work on Tear-Stained Makeup #7, though he may have just told me that to make me go away...

Drew Weing. Nice guy and great cartoonist. Also looked only slightly startled when I asked to take his picture and then, a little too pantingly, when Eleanor was coming back.

Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing.

Eleanor Davis and Sara Edward-Corbett. My buddy Sara is the greatest. Please peer pressure her to do a comic with me.

Chuck Forsman & Alex Kim & shy anon. I met Chuck on the giant patio and he brought me back to see his comics and very generously gave me a few. Drunks Sea Colony is beautiful. Find it.

John Hankiewicz and buddy. We bought two prints from John for our house. I also got his comic bald knob which looks like it might break my heart.

Clihodhna of the beautiful accent and amazing prints.

In the middle of it all B and I decided to take a tea break on the marriot's patio:

I steadfastly clung to consciousness while B was not as successful:

The The Ignatz awards were also announced on Saturday but I was too tired to stay and dinner was trying to leave me by any means necessary. Now that I have seen the results I am kind of glad I didn't stay, many of the choices were uninspired.

Finally, most of my haul:


Holy Prepuce said...

Only nine months old and her first eye-redaction strip--that's my girl!

mcbuck said...

Thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure meeting you. Maybe I'll see you at another show. Take care!

moonlight ambulette said...

Man, that looks awesome. I'm jealous. Also, something looks funny about your eyes. Are you feeling all right?

Carrie said...

MA, it is the effect of severe and misplaced paranonia. Don't let eye redaction bars happen to you!