Monday, October 15, 2007

back from SPX

I knew yesterday morning that something wasn't right. A few hours later, I knew something was definitely wrong. Despite my piles of comics and new prints, the company of my main man and a delightful baby, littlehp!, I felt grumpy, nauseated and like a monkey made of razors had taken up residence in my neck.

I am SICK. From my bed of crappitude I will attempt to do an SPX roundup sometime today.

The best part of returning was when B called me from the bathroom in a tentative voice to show me this:

So this morning I heard what I think was the plumber, though I expected more klongs and less bangs.

PS- until I get it together, go over to Topic and read the two newish stories. They are great.


ctheokas said...

That happened to my whole apartment. You can trace the pipes from one room to the next where the paint bubbles up like that. It's worst in the bathroom, though. I was napping one day, when I heard what I thought was rain. But no, it was the ceiling of the bathroom, and warm, rusty water pouring from several spots in/of/from(?) the ceiling. That's probably the worst thing about being in a pre-war - hell, probably pre-20th century - building.

Carrie said...

Plumbing breakage happens, but the fact that I doubt it will be reaired prperly is the part that bugs me the most.

Amanda said...

Ohhhh my bathroom had one of those once, too! Only, regrettably, we decided, "feh, let's go to work and call the landlord when we get home tonight," during which interval the entire bathroom ceiling fell off...mmmm stinky old wet rotten cruddy 100-year-old building plaster...