Friday, October 05, 2007

So, back in the day I kinda pooped on the comic anthology MOME. Then today I read this interview with Eric Reynolds, the co-editor of MOME and decided to give it another chance for a few reasons:

1) In the interview, Reynolds discussed the origin of MOME (who doesn't love a good origin story?) and how his original plan for how and who was going to be published had to be jettisoned because so many of the cartoonists that appeared in the first two issues became famous and busy in the time it took to get the issues out. That really explained alot for me. MOME promished freshness and all I got from it was a stale feeling. After almost 10 issues, it seems that they have their act together and are publishing fresh and exciting stuff.

2) Eleanor Davis. I love her stuff and she has a story in MOME 9.

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