Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Winner is...

Well, judging this contest was very difficult. All the entrants crafted, at the least, diverting stories, and those that put in a little more effort really blew my mind, sending stories that gave Mr. LaBovick life, either by making him real or taking his mystery and using it to illuminate another character.

Total disclosure: of the six people who sent me stories, three are my buds in some way and another is a book blog master. I made this decision with the help of B, who cares not for my blogular connections or real life friendilations.

Thanks to everyone who wrote something. Since you all took the time to send a piece, you all get of copy (by email) of everyone else's stories. A little prize for taking the time. If you don't hink I have your email, please send it to me!

Fa Fa Fa, the winner is Amy Shearn of moonlight ambulette. Amy send me your address!

Her story is here. Enjoy.


moonlight ambulette said...

GAH! See what happens when my parents come into town and I don't keep up on my blogs for a weekend?! Terrible things!
This is really the first time I've ever won anything in my life.
Except for an Easter egg drawing contest in like second grade.
I won a hollow chocolate bunny.
Mmmm chocolate bunny.or

Anonymous said...

Great choice.

from Moe

Amanda said...

Lovely story! I've also given new life to Brian Labovick, and turned him into a slightly more fortunately named (but no less unfortunate) Brian Paddington over at daintilyfrosted...

Carrie said...

Excellent Amanda!