Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Things of Importance

Very Important: Lynn Peril of Mystery Date has a blog! Mystery Date was my favorite zine as a teen. It was a huge influence on my interest in gender studies, collecting crap and listening to the past to understand the present. One time my father, knowing very little about the self-published world, threw away a postcard from Lynn with an update about MD thinking it was some kind of perverted dating service come-on. Silly Dad. Her book, Pink Think, is the best birthday present I have never recieved.

Less Important: NYRB is having a summer sale with good discounts on their book collections and 25% off single books.


Bybee said...

Thanks for the heads up about Lynn Peril. I remember reading a long feature about her in a book about zines that also featured Al Hoff's zine about thrifting.

Carrie said...

I loved Hoff's zine (I think it was called thriftscore) back in the day. She wrote a column for BUST magazine for awhile, not sure if she still does.

Any other zine-y memories?