Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dear Lisa,

I totally had a contest on my blog and got a whole seven responses! Very exciting! Anyway I am reading them all now and deciding who should win. The prize is a box of books and other assorted delights. Don't worry, I promise not to give away that annotated volume of Star Trek essays you gave me for middle school graduation. Who knew you were the progenitor of slash fic?

Anyway, I said I would publish the winning story, but do you think I should publish the winning story instead, or have part of the prize bethat the winner gets to read them all or what?

Rigth now I am wearing a shoelace tied around my neck and the people at work don't seem to like it. It's not entirely unlike those tie-dyed eyepatches we made for the prom...

Miss you,


moonlight ambulette said...

you should put all of them on the blog!

and give a shoelace necklace as the prize!

Amanda said...

I totally don't care if my story wins anymore, I would accept the shoelace necklace as consolation prize!

Today, it is supposed to be 37 degrees, which is about 1 million farenheit, I think. In preparation, I have arrived at the office in not much more than a shoelace, which considering the enormous naked lady tattooed on my leg, seems to be unsettling my co-workers for more than a few reasons.