Thursday, October 12, 2006

i got the itch, i'm going crazy

So, kids, here's the thing about being a sensitive flower- sometimes you get crazy itches, swellings and other grossness for NO UNDERSTANDABLE REASON. Well, this is what is happening to me now. For the past three days I have been so itchy. My hands, my fett, my scalp are red, burny and itchy. Sometimes, any place that gets touched, by pants for example, turns red and swells a little. My boyfriend fears the infestation of my person (which makes me feel a little offended, I must say) and I am worried that I am allergic to the new apartment. It sure makes trying to read my first Chekov story The Story of a Nobody rather difficult.

In other news, I plan to finish rebuilding the sidebar as soon as possible.

How are you? Got any good itchy stories? How about literary passages on allergic reactions?


-from charliewest, with love said...

yucky. i'm sorry you're itchy. could it be the changing of the weather/need for moisturizing? god, i'm sorry. that's lame. i wonder what's wrong! boo. i hate itches.

mary said...

one summer I was really depressed and I got some kind of inexplicable itchy rash that looked like a cross between hives and heat rash, but somehow was neither hives nor heat rash.

health services diagnosed me with a permanent case of toosensitiveitis.

aveeno makes good stuff.

moonlight ambulette said...


you have to read lynne tillman's american genius: a comedy! RIGHT THIS SECOND! it is ALL about senstive skin and allergic reactions and whatnots. well, and other things. like chairs. and childhood pets. and seances.

it's great. i know the title sucks. but the book is great.

moonlight ambulette said...

oh my gosh! i hust clicked on your link to kgb and saw a review of that very book! what is with my exclamation points?! i don't know! but i am very excited!

i just reviewed this book for modern painters magazine. is it a small frickin world or what?