Tuesday, March 07, 2006

why no action?

And by "action" I mean reviews. Well, I've been reading a lot for work. A lot of crap and sad stuff so far. I have not been reading my good books that cause dazzling reviews to be posted here. I've been looking at a computer screen for days for another job and most of the time wanting to kill others (especially AWOL web designers) because of that.

Luckily for you, Bookslut has three new reviews by me and a feature article by my main man Jennifer Shahade on the book that brought Sylvester down. I was going to try (harder) to manage not to talk about him, but oh well. Blame Jenn and her dastardly freelance writing mojo.

Also, I'm feeling no love from you baby. Don't you guys know that bloggers need the sweet, sweet caress of comments? DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE? Or go crazy like a Romanian orphan baby and then die?


Anita said...

Oh my, that was the most impassioned plea for comments I ever did see.

Didn't know you did reviews for Bookslut. How did you land that cool gig? I'll have to head over there and check them out!

Carrie said...

Thanks Anita for responding when I need it most, as usual. I got the Bookslut gig awhile ago when they were looking for writers. I'm not sure they are still looking, but check their "about" page to see the guidelines.

Anita said...

Cool, Carrie -- I'll go do that!

Hope you are getting unburied from your non-pleasure reading so you can get back to the fun stuff soon!

Carrie said...

I read a great book over the past three days which I will post about soon. I had a great haul at the library and scored three good-looking books. Hooray.