Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another meme...

This one is from Maryann. Though it is not book-related, I will try as hard as possible to make it that way.

Enjoy peering into my life, you disgusting voyeurs!!!

four jobs i’ve had:
1) file clerk
2) smoothie wench
3) used bookstore manager
4) listening to you talk about jazz

four DVDs i can keep watching:
1) Aqua teen Hunger Force (all)
2) Maniac Cop
3) Out of the Past
4) Trading Places

four places i wish i had (or intend to) live(d):
1) In Neuromancer when I was 14
2) In the Phantom Tollboth when I was 5
3) In the Met when I was 7
4) somewhere warm and sunny right now

four TV shows i watch:
I only watch 3, and those are private. Oh, and Antiques Roadshow.

four places i’ve traveled:
1) Krakov, Poland
2) Budapest, Hungary
3) Seville, Spain
4) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

four websites I visit daily:
1) my various emails
2-4) the links on the right

Four foods I love:
1) beans
2) kale
3) pasta
4) tofutti chocolate crumb fantastic explosion (or whatever it is called)

Four early musical influences:
1) Jem (truly outrageous)
2) Sex Pistols
3) En Vouge (maryann and I had the same tape!)
4) all oldies, all the time

Four bloggers I’m nudging:

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