Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Public Life of Bees by Jessica Campbell

“Bee people—let’s face it, they are crazy about bees!” Now, I admit to liking bee imagery, which is what drew me to the zine in the first place. But I don’t think I qualify as a “bee person.” I am, however, an Oily Comics person and The Public Life of Bees is a black and white, quarter-size zine from their sweet dollar menu.

The text reads like into a lawnmower went several dry scientific tomes on bees, a couple of early-internet apian fan sites and maybe a yellowing copy of Weekly World News and what shot out was pieced back together by a madwoman.

It’s a quick read made charming by the drawings of Campbell, a painter. I especially like the beekeepers’ (bee people?) masked exchanges: ‘Jerry, are you a zombie?” ‘Naw, bro, I swear I’m not!”

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