Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a choir of caresses

My recent reading life takes place mostly on the subway. This week's B/Q train book has been Three Messages and A Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic edited by Eduardo Jiménez Mayo and Chris N. Brown. 

In "Future Nereid," by Gabriela Damián Miravete, translated by Michael J. Deluca, these two lines lines about reading jumped out at me:
"In your belly something will shrivel at the thought of the unfortunate distance which sometimes separates us from souls attuned to our own."

"You'd like to underline the words in this book as a substitute for a choir of caresses."
And something shriveled in me, and something else bloomed.


And this is why I give my heart to authors that find the combination of words that describe a part of me, of my life or my thoughts or give me new places to go to. I relentlessly recommend them, I buy their books, I think of them often. Sometimes I write them letters. It is why I keep reading. I keep reading because they love me through the page, a special, wide-spectrum, im/personal love ray.

Who has caressed you?


S.E.C. said...

Lynda Barry, obviously... Also, I recently talked to my shrinky about my naughty face-making habit, and ever since then I have been wondering whether I got into Lucky Jim because we had that in common or because it showed me a nice passive-aggressive outlet for my rage. The first time I read it I was maybe 17 so I can't be sure!

Amanda said...

I am excited about EVERYTHING about that book! Mission: seek it out.

: )