Wednesday, March 07, 2012


"'Hello Aimee, it’s your dad. I was just calling to say hello to you and your family. I miss you. I love you. When will you come see us again?'"
The Disciples of Memory by Aimee Phan over at The Rumpus is beautiful and vicious essay about parents and Alzheimer's.

For all you academics and responsible writers out there, the MLA has answered an important question: How to cite a tweet.

I've been spending a lot of time on 50 Watts recently checking out the gorgeous book art and illustration. It used to be called A Journey Around My Skull--this one, not this one.


Amanda said...

Ah cripes...let down by MLA...I really had my fingers crossed that official channels would refuse to recognise Twitter as a viable source of information, and that eventually it was, thus invalidated and discouraged, slink under a rock and go away.

sarah said...

Yes...if my students think they can cite tweets in research papers I think the whole enterprise is doomed (or at least harmed).

Carrie said...

I guess neither of you did media studies...