Tuesday, March 06, 2012

1. The light through the schefflera is not as charming as it should be.

2. My nose is dripping onto my upper lip and the dust is thick on the walls and I smell mold and other things, mostly gross things, like butts and fish and it makes me want to take off my face and put it away for the night.

3. There is a space in my life where Scrabble used to be.  Remember when we played?

4. I'm thinking about an essay that started in a half-dream in my friend Ray's guest room. In my mind I was running through the halls of my dead grandmother's L-shaped home in California. Everything was eye-level and I was going really fast. I am writing this on a tablecloth brought from her place that I never saw before. It is possible that it was never used while she was alive.

5. I don't feel like writing about what I've read. Sorry.


Kelly said...

Scrabble. Yes, I remember. You know what I did recently, super casually? I played Chinese Checkers, even used the same set that would come out pretty much daily, back in the day-it's red and you open it up and the marbles are in a bag in there. So many many hours.

Carrie said...

Who did you play with?

I had a posse of Scrabble friends. We would play almost whenever we met--someone always had a board. It was the background to spending time together, talking about life, watching the sun move in the sky. Playing made it easy to be friends, be around other people when it otherwise wouldn't be.

Bill said...

Oh, I remember, and it was fun. iPhone Scrabble on the subway isn't quite the same thing. Maybe we need to hit a cafe and analog-Scrabble it up.