Monday, November 29, 2010

letters to I

Recently I started a correspondence with an almost-3 year old. So far we've had two volleys by mail. It all started because while we were visiting this charming child, went to a big girl's birthday and came home with two favors--a decorated megaphone and a little red mailbox. I thought it would be fun to slip a note into the box.

It was fun, for her and me. So, we've kept on doing it.

As I wrote to her father, I'm not just paying attention to one little girl,(though that's no burden), I'm furthering my serious agenda to bring back letter writing, to write myself, and to capture my history note by note.

*Sadly, the wax sealed letter in the pic above was set on fire when I tried to reseal it. I was able to save the stamps, though. The second draft is on its way!


LOOKA said...


Carrie said...

oh, oh, oh I have an email on the way to you.

Sarah said...

I encourage my kids to write letters and I try to do the same. Plus, there is nothing like getting a real letter in the mail!

Carrie said...

Sarah, I agree! It's great. So many people are afraid that they won't be "good" at it when all it really takes is actually writing!