Sunday, May 02, 2010


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this...turned into this
The roof is actually even more potty than this now that I've begin to thin and repot seedlings. Besides the vegetables you see here I am growing some sunflowers for B, and some zinnias for me. Between the two is nasturtium; I have several pots of those grown from seed. Will they actually flower?


From my parents' basement...
It shoots popcorn! It jazzes up the counter with its wild lettering! It only smells a little like burning wires! Bonus: giving it to me makes my parents seem less like hoarders.


This week was a bad one for stress, but a good one for art. My friend Pete not only brought his bad self to visit, he brought a housewarming painting with him:
One Day by Esther Pearl Watson

I keep going back and looking at it over and over. Especially the little socks.


More art arrived with Eva today. I commissioned a set of portraits for B's birthday awhile ago from Simon, and she graciously lugged them from Vienna to Brooklyn. They look so much like us that I had to redact! I thought that we'd put them in the bathroom so guests feel safe knowing that we are always watching.


LOOKA said...


What's a guy gotta do to get pictures of you new space lady? Watch the Blog of course! Love the roof, love the sunshine! The popcorn as well. Hope stress is wearing off superquick!

Crazy good painting! EPW is the hot shit!
You know I'm a "primitive skyzo artist" by the fact that I can only think in Black and White!
Hey peeers! My drawings got their eyes on you! Like shit! HAHAHA.
BIG THANKS for having my stuff! YES!

LOOKA said...

Hell, I'm a typo monster...

Amanda said...

I look forward to using the toilet under your watchful eyes this summer.