Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two friends of Try Harder are losing it at The Nervous Breakdown:
Amy Shearn is looking for a place to lay her head.

Amanda Miller is fully dressed, these days.


Weekday Worrier is at his place explaining why there are such terrible sounds coming out of our apartment recently.


So, Spring Break has so far been sitting inside, wondering when we moved to Scotland and could we please move back now, ok? But today the sun is out, I've got seeds and pots on my mind. It's too bad that I had to say goodbye to my garden, but now I have sun!


Amanda said...

hahahaha...I am so bringing those shorts to NYC this summer, and wearing them when I take walks with you! (yes, that is a threat)

Sara said...

Yay for snacking in the sun! Bring back the plants!

Carrie said...

A: please do, but realize I may get jealous of all the attention you are getting and end up fighting some drunk dudes for your favor.

S: I just planted some seeds, and now feel the soil crunching in my teeth. Yuck and yay.

Amanda said...

Attention from drunk dudes? That's my forté hahaha. Ugh. Lordy. I think I will leave the shorts at home.

: )