Tuesday, March 02, 2010

snouts and tails

A few nights ago I was on the subway when I encountered a woman from my school. At first we yelled at each other across the car, listing the classes we are taking this semester and griping about a past class that was absurdly horrible. I moved to be nearer to her and we chatted some more while our companions either ignored us or zoned out, waiting for some indication that the conversation had moved on to some more interesting topic. While it was happening I didn't care--I was relieved that I could talk with someone who knows the irritating intricacies of [REDACTED], but I know it probably ruined the ride for everyone else.

So, I won't tell you about school even though that is basically all I am doing now.


I picked up issue 6 of RASL last weekend at Desert Island during Zane Grant's awesome comic release party. Is it ok to say that I am a little disappointed that the majority of the issue was a bio of Nikola Tesla? Sure, it's a good story, but Tesla is an indie inspiration juggernaut now and it was annoying that the usual inventiveness of the book was overshadowed by bio details I've heard before. Yeah, yeah, I know that Smith is doing a little alternate-past stuff with Tesla's life and work but it just seems a little weak. I can't wait to get back to the story!


I joined twitter so I wouldn't miss things like this:
"A memory is a shadow of the past. Drink a glass of water to be back in the present"

My twit name is carrietryharder.

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