Friday, August 14, 2009


Have you ever needed to see something beautiful, but not even known it? Then, when it happens, you suddenly feel a weight lifting from your shoulders and feel stupid for not even thinking that a bit of awesomeness could do you good? Irina Troitskaya's work is today's cure. She has all kinds of art and a nice blog too.

Anyone want to translate her comics for me?

Thanks Zoologix!


Have I ever told you guys about the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library? Their Historical Collections and Services department does amazing work by bringing truly brain-smashing medical images and scholarship to the masses by actually utilizing web technology. Some exhibits are a little clunky (and named after Police songs), and others are better, but all are worthwhile. Work sometimes brings me to them, but even after I am out of the medical writing sphere, this will continue to be an awesome resource for old-timey WTF.


My main man has a blog where you can hear his musical stylings. If you need a bright boy on keys, give him a jangle.


looka said...

OH crap! That Health science something is totally great. If you enjoyed The VERY ILL Caricature show, there was (is?) a pretty fantastic Caricature show in BASEL's Cartoon museum.

Sarah said...

I love medical illustrations...I just took a mixed media workshop and collaged a bunch of stuff from Grays Anatomy!

Carrie said...

Sarah: are you going to post you collages? Please do!
Simon: thanks for the tip!