Monday, August 10, 2009

I've been reading short stories. Lots and lots of short stories. I keep flitting in and out of all these different worlds. Snow and zoos and kids and dads and dads and cancer and beaches and love. I usually hate this sort of reading experience, but, perhaps because of the heat and the transitional time, I am really enjoying it.


Reading RASL by Jeff Smith is the antidote to comic book malaise. Though his main character looks disconcertingly short-limbed sometimes, the story is solid and the art is moves everything along. Dimension-jumping has unexpectedly become a theme in my reading the past few months. It's a concept that I'm finding more interesting than time travel or space these days.

RASL and the excellent Poison the Cure (part 3 needs to come out now) are the only two scifi comics that I have ever enjoyed.


Strange Horizons is having another fund drive. They offer so much goodness for free, they pay their writers, and they obviously need a makeover, though I don't think any of this money is going to cosmetics. Donate now! If you do, let me know!


looka said...

The short story (in general) is my fave read of all time. It's got a good energy. The only thing I loved taking with me from the German classes!

Glad you enjoyed RASL... I still have to find a jump on point with it... funfact: I just started to read Bone in single issues!

Shit, I wish I could donate to Strange Horizons!

Carrie said...

I wish I could donate too. Right now is a bad time though.

Brandon said...

If you haven't enjoyed much in the way of scifi comics before, I highly recommend backissues of Six From Sirius and Six From Sirius 2.

My retrospective comments about the series on my blog.

I also have an interview with the creators on my blog.