Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Do you like games?

Wow. Look at that pretzel in the bottomish right. Then try not to look at everything else on this awesome site.

(via BibliOddessy)


looka said...

Yeah yeah Yeah! I just started to look at that short time ago! I have pictureread some of those books that are on there, not the "Animal Anatomy For Artists" though.
The whole thing makes me long for new posters like this...Sometime after now - shall I do one??

If so, Carrie/Amanda, will you write the captions??

Sarah Green Fog, will you do one like this??

This makes a great metaphoric comic.

ctheokas said...

Well, there went half my day! Of course, it's my fault for not heeding your advice.

looka said...

Hello, Hello?? There are questions, there are questions...