Friday, November 21, 2008

Next customer please

“Hello sir—uh, ma’am.”
“Hi! Sir, ma’am—whatever it’s ok. I have a turkey club and salt n’ vinegar chips.”
“No. It’s not ok.”
(Little laugh)
“Yeah it is. Whatever!”
“No. It isn’t.”
“Aw. Don’t you think I’d make a dashing man?”


looka said...

Ok New Yorkers, fix yer Brain! Or your Brian (Brianna?) - if that's this waiters name!

Amanda said...

I used to get called "sir" in all sorts of unexpected places. Like buying tampons at the drug mart, for instance...or standing in line to purchase ladies' clothes. In ladies-only stores, not like the Gap where anyone could be purchasing anything for anyone.

The clerks always sorta made out like I was in the wrong, like if it weren't for me, they wouldn't have embarrassed themselves...and thus, I ought to be the one who was embarrassed.

It was kind of a fun game to play, actually.

Carrie said...

She was not having any sort of gender shenanigans that day!

I always wonder why cashiers are trained to say sir or ma'am anyway. It is outdated and you are more likely to offend someone than not. I was at a very casual place when this happened. the cashier in question must see hundreds of people every day...

Amanda said...

...including men with bobbed hair and boobs? I mean do not look like a dude!

looka said...

Well, you make a dashing personality anyhow!