Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mailbox Mayhem

I've been thinking about writing letters again. My thoughts tend to turn toward quiet days and focused storytelling when I don't have any time. So instead, I'll wait until next month. You know, you guys can always drop me a line if you have the time. Here's some things to check out in the meantime.

Here's an excellent story about letters that you can enjoy while your hands and eyes do something else:
Fourteen Experiments In Postal Delivery by By John Schoffstall

Here's a nifty site that Amanda Well-Tailored let me on to:
Letter Writer Alliance
It's filled with ideas, news and interesting stories about the practice of letter writing. Wow, that sounds really boring. I promise that it isn't.

The next letter I am going to write is to a summer-friend from a few years ago. She made a zine that touched on a few questions I thought about over the years- about phases of friendship, foul weather buds and whether there is ever a right time for anything. I wonder if she will remember my face.


looka said...

Can you read my mind?
I guess so.

Matt said...

You see the new release "Correspondences" - Hotel St. George Press, I think - ? Your post made me think of that book.

Carrie said...

looka== I hope that means what I Think it does!

matt-- wow. the st. george hotel site is so cool! The book looks really interesting, but the price tag is a too shocking right now. I will, however, see if his other books are in the library. thanks for the tip!

looka said...

It does, for sure!

Amanda said...

Hey! You've made my greenish-yellow envelope famous! I loved that thing, I had it in my stationery drawer for years, until just the right writing moment presented itself.

: )

Carrie said...

You know what, I think this calls for n entry on epistolary stories.

Your assignment: think of some ones you have loved.

Amanda said...

Ok, deal. I accept the assignment.